Pleasure Addiction was formed in Paris, France in 2007 by five experimented boys in the Heavy / Glam / Punk scene. Usually rocking the stage with their own bands, they decided to create an « one of a kind » band that could re-define the 80’s / early 90’s Glam rock scene.

The band first gained attention when they released their first self tilted demo, high acclaimed by the professional press, and quickly toured with bands like Europe, White Lion, XYZ. After getting concerts in California and Nevada with XYZ / Great White singer Terry Ilous, they released two studio albums with a new singer and are still on the road with great bands :



High-School Motherfuckers played their very first gig as a tribute to the RAMONES along with Jean Beauvoir (Kiss, Ramones, Plasmatics, Little Steven...) himself. Encouraged by that gig and the few shows that followed that were all a success, the band went on recording the 5-track E.P. "Want some ?!". The C.D. was well received by the public and got good reviews and fanzines worldwide started circulating the band’s name.

HSMF —as fans dubbed them— then took one more step. They were featured on various compilations and they brought their compelling punkrock all over Europe, in countries ranging from Switzerland to Hungary through the Netherlands and Denmark, playing along with such bands as the New York Dolls, Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns n’ Roses), Nashville Pussy, The Quireboys, L.A. Guns, Kip Winger, Lizzy Borden, Vains of Jenna, The Joystix, Punish Yourself, Black Rain, American Dog, Adam Bomb, Black Halos, Black Rain, Sticky Boys, Dirty Penny, Psychopunch, Adam West, Turbo AC’s, +44 (ex-Blink 182).
More determined and motivated than ever, the four punkrockers, raised on the Ramones, Motörhead and other Sex Pistols then embarked on recording their first full-length album "Backseat Education", 11 tracks made out of the raw energy and sheer intensity of the band’s live performances. It was then time to hit the roads of Europe again, not forgetting to work on new material at the same time.
Back into the studio and, proudly announced by the "Jesus ep" single, the HSMF’s new album of 11 brand new songs is now available. "Say you just don't care" offers tracks that are finely carved, yet retaining as always and once again, the explosive and joyful frenzy, now a hallmark of the band’s music ; high-powered rythms mingle with heavy riffs and catchy melodies, in the manner of fellow
Scandinavian bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, The Bones or even Hardcore Superstar.
In 2016 with old partner in crime Blondie they decided to make a split cd with his band :The JOYSTIX ! 10 brand new tracks, 5 rn'r treasure of punk/rock/hard/glam (call it what you want) per band ! With that new opus in hand, the four punkrockers are back on the road and they can hardly wait to meet you there to share with you those genuine rock n'roll moments that are their live performances.

So, are you ready !!? Let’s go !!!


The Joystix has formed in 2005 july on the ruins of 2 former band members punk rockabilly band called Sonicdollz.

(Blondie – Singer/guitar player, songwriter, Jimm-Drummer). As a third member Brownstone on bass joined the group.The style of JOYSTIX best defined as punk/rock’n’roll. The main influences are such bands like Iggy and the stooges, Ramones, New york dolls, and also the definitive bands of the scandinavian rock scene like Backyard Babies, DankoJones, Gluecifer, or The Hellacopters.

The first record titled Playin’ with Fire was released in the autumn of 2006 by french indie label Shotgun Generation Records/Active entertainment, and was distributed by PIAS in Europe.

This record got several positive reviews in several fanzines, music magazines all around the continent. After the releasing of the record the band had the opportuinity to play in european countries as Netherland, Germany,Romania, Serbia etc. In the same year the band shot a videoclip to the song BetterThings to Do c. which was aired several times on the hungarian music channel Viva..


In the beginning of 2007 the band got an offer from the french label Kicking records to record 5 songs and make a split record with the french band Flying Donuts. In the spring of 2007 the split record titled This Machine Makes Loud Records was released on Cd and also on Vinyl. During this time one of hungary’s biggest label made a deal with the band to distribute the record in Hungary. Also in 2007 the american record label 272 records gave the opportunity to the band to have one song in a compilation titled „Riot on sunset vol.3” and also a few months later they released a split record together with the australian band Mercy Kills. The record got the name „Suburban threat”.

In october of 2007 the band had a 3 week long european tour together with the bands Flying Donuts and Safety first gonzales. They played 20 gigs in 4 countries in this 3 weeks.

In may of 2008 the band has released the 2nd full length CD titled „And joystix for all..”The band set the goal to catch the energy of their live performances in this record. After the successful European tour the band was full of vitality and creative energy to capture the vibe and the power of their hard hitting rock ’n’ roll in their new record. With this 10 new songs they also wanted to show the world their musical diversity and dug way deep down to their roots of 1970’s R’n’R / Glam/Punk rock movement .

In 2008 November the band had the chance to open to one of their biggest favorite the Backyard Babies in Budapest, and also they gained plenty of new fans with their rocking live performance.

In late 2009 the band went through some personal changes. Brownstone and the guys said goodbye to each other and 2 new members joined the band. Zoli Marton on bass and Andras Greff on guitar.

With this line-up the band’s toured in 2009 in several european countried and finished the year opening for Sebastian Bach as support band in Budapest.

In 2010 February the band hit the studio to record a new 5 songs EP titled So low city shot a video for the song Behind closed doors (http://youtu.be/qcK9UvO7FW4 ) and toured all around Europe.

In 2011 the band invited one of their longtime favorite band The Bellrays to Budapest and played a show together while they continously toured in Hungary and Europe. In the middle of 2011 the band started to work on a 6 song new EP titled Wasted which was released only online at the end of 2011.After touring early 2012 the band and guitar player Andras Greff and Drummer Jimm parted ways and the band took a 1 year hiatus.

In 2013 Jimm came back and the band started to work together again, played in Hungary on a regular basis and did a few short european trip to France and Italy.

Early 2014 the band invited longtime favorite and idol Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul, ex- Trouble, Space age playboys) and did a show in Budapest with big success as Kory’s band for the night.

From the middle of 2014 the band started to work on a new material titled Punchline also parallel they shot 2 videos for the new record way before the release of the actual record. The first video showed a different face of the band, the song Dumb man blues is a traditional delta blues influenced tune http://youtu.be/J8UGyCkdKr while the second clip for the song titled Disconnected shows the band’s usual high energy punk/rock’n’roll style with catchy hooks http://youtu.be/IoAAETlOPTc

The recordings, and mixing of the new material started in July 2014 and finished in January 2015, the band recorded 12 new songs produced by Blondie. The goal was to create the summary of 10 years of experience and make a diverse record which shows the band’s punk/rock’nroll/glam/blues influenced mixture in the best shap epossible.

The record is released by Shotgun Generation records France, and the band’s already booked for several hungarian and european show through 2015.

Rakel Traxx is more than a band, it’s a bunch of friends, hanging out together since they were kids and for whom Sex, Drugs & Rock n’Roll is not just phrase but a real credo. The band started in Marseille (french riviera), their hometown, where they were used to messing around in the few clubs & bars. One of these nights, they decided to create Rakel Traxx, a Sleaze rock band tainted with punk & metal, as a tribute to LA’s 1980 glam scene.

Their influences go from Guns n’Roses, Motley Crue, Vain, Pretty Boy Floyd to ST or Metallica. Their vision of glam rock goes with powerfull guitar riffs, bonecrushing drums, a sreaming voice and killer melodies.

In 2008, they record their first EP and hit the road in France & Europe with bands as Hardcore Superstar, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adam Bomb, Gemini Five Blackrain and Dagoba. Their shows are a precise mix of raw energy & glitters, their live reputation is no longer to be made, and fans are already asking for more, they simply rock the stage out.

In 2010, the band is back in studio for their first album « Bitches Palace » released on Shotgun Generation Records in 2011. This album will, without a doubt, write their name within the Sleaze rock legends. Stay tuned, they’ll be back on the road pretty soon.

Look at this band who has bombarded Paris with rock n' roll bombs with killing riffs during those last years, you will see that there's no need to introduce AESTHESIA in their own town.
They have supported bands like Rose Tattoo, Mother Superior, Gun, Babylon Bombs, Vains of Jenna...
They are coming from nowhere, but they want more.

The band has begun his discography with their demo "Take It As A Last Chance Ride" (5 tracks), and, then, recorded "Serious Conspiracy", their first LP. The song "Cold Case" taken from this LP has been chosen by Rock Hard Magazine as "Autoproduction of the month" on their sampler CD on January 2008. In 2009, the band decided to go on tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Germany during the Serious Conspiracy Tour.

Since September, the 18th, AESTHESIA is back with the second album "Shattered Idols". In order to hit the bull's eyes with this new album, the band managed to get some featuring like Thomas Silver (ex Hardcore Supertar) on "Under 16" and Kenny Hakansson (The Hellacopters) on "Tales Of Underground", and the master of the whole thing made by Björn Engelmann ( Rammstein, In Flames,The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies...) at the Cutting Room (Sweden).

Now AESTHESIA is back on the road for Rock n' Roll shows you should not miss !!!

HELLECTROKUTERS is a french band from Paris fueled with high voltage powered tunes, sharp riffs and killer choruses.
They are authentic rock lovers reaching easily the level of their influences such as AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, AIRBOURNE, MOTORHEAD, AMERICAN DOG or NASHVILLE PUSSY... with a twist of their own.
Their rush into pure rock n'roll, carrying lyrics raised from the very core of what they're here for : rocking the world out, no fancy glittering junk needed.
Back to the roots, 'Rock n roll beggars' explodes to your face with its sweat & gazoline's smell, pure rock reborn from the hands of Butcho (Watcha, Pleasure Addiction...)
Tune up and give yourself up to the magic.... ROCK SAVES THE WORLD.
HIGHLIGHT ENEMIES is a new exciting collaboration including members of Tracy Gang Pussy / Starrats / High-School Motherfuckers, etc...

The experience and the feeling between Swedish and French guys give a new breath to the rock world scene. Solid roots mixed by classical stuff and a modern touch that's what we're talking about ! Is it street punk, glam, sleaze, hard rock, power pop ? Doesn't matter it's only rock'n'roll and you'll like it !
SUCKERSTARZ is a french/hungarian band featuring Blondie (The Joystix), Stuffy & Pam (High-School Motherfuckers / Pleasure Addiction) !

This « super band » recorded few years ago their first ep only available at this time in Japan and in France an all over the world few month after as a split cd with Sonicdollz. Few tracks are availbale on different compilations (Japan, France, Usa...).

The band decide to record in 2010 a full album, what they did in Hungary in the pure rock n'roll veins of sleaze/glam/punky power pop !
Each track is catchy like a mix between Backyard Babies & Danko Jones or Hardcore Superstar & The Hellacopters ! Don't miss it !!!
The story of Nasty Kixx started at a party one hot summer night back in '98. Partygoers and pals Bastard, Fabio Esteban and Dr. Rowdy stepped outside for some air and some more liquor, accidently bumped into this longhaired dude, which they quickly baptised Trashcan Dan. Inviting the guy in, sharing drinks and discovering a shared taste in fine rock n' roll. The band was a fact!

After massive rehearsals and gigging they recorded their first offering titled "The greatest hits and the nastiest kixx", in May of 2000. The recording featured the underground classic; "Mrs. Bottle", still a fan favourite. Two demos, "Still kickin'" and "The Pirates of rock n' roll" were recorded in 2001. Pretty unpretentious rock n' roll w. poppy hooks. "Pirates…" also marked the last performance by Dr. Rowdy. Reportedly lost on a cruise to Finland. Rumored to be tired of the rn'r lifestyle. No one knows.

Enter Dr. Denial! A mutual friend w. a "don't give a hoot" attitude, was an obvious choice as a replacement for the other "Doc". The 2002 "Just another day" demo showed the "Kixx" were now leaning towards a more dark, melancholic sound. Yet maintaining their dogs' nose for a good riff and chorus. The word was now spreading. The band recieving great reviews on websites and in magazines worldwide.

Nasty Kixx spent a sweatsoaked weekend in July of 2003 recording an excellent selftitled disc. Crammed w. great hooks and harmonies supported by the sweet backup vocals courtesy of the Nasty Dolls. This also showcased the first appearence by new member and organmeister Burt Backfire, making the band a rocksolid unit.

A bright light shone through the winter darkness in February of 2004. "Hometown Blues" is a ten song blast of whiskey and cream, melancholy and upbeat partyanthems! Except for the four new hits and a rendition of "Bastard Song", the recording features four older tracks spiced up with Mr. Backfires excellent keywork. Let's not forget a quite sped up version of the Hanoi Rocks classic masterpiece "Tragedy", ending it all. Tasty! In May of 2005 this record was released as a "real" album on French label Shotgun Generation. The praising reviews instantly came flooding in, leaving no one disappointed. The world of rock n' roll had a new favourite pet to cuddle & love!

In the winter of 2006 bad news once again arrived, and this time Doc Denial had to jump ship for reasons unknown...Rumours said he dipped his 'stache where it shouldn't be dipped.... At about the same time fretboardrunner Fabio decided he'd switch locations and hit the big city. Burt just vaporized after the news 'bout Doc. He apparently moved to the city and no longer fingers the ebony and ivory.. The Kixx now had their balls in a vice and had to put 'em on ice, at least 'til they find a new bassplayer fit for the job! SO....the Story Continues....

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